Project Description

OJSC Priorbank is the largest commercial bank offering a wide range of banking services. It occupies a leading position in the Belarusian financial market, and is also one of the most efficient banks in the Raiffeisen group.

Project Details

  • Client: «Priorbank»

Object address

  • 31A V. Horuzhei street, Minsk.
  • 65А Timiryazeva street, Minsk.
  • 87 Yankee Kupala street, SC “Trinity”, Grodno.
  • 37 Mostovaya street, Grodno.
  • 92/1 Kazintsa street, Minsk.
  • 91B Kropotkin street, Minsk.
  • 156-7 Pritytsky street, 1st floor, “Green City”,
  • 30/1 Nemiga street, Minsk.
  • 6 pr-t Mira, residential complex “Minsk World”,
  • 23 Belinski street, Minsk.
  • 104 pr-t Dzerzhinskogo, Minsk